Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Updo.

Never underestimate the importance of bobby pins.

My dad's big day had finally arrived and I was still torn between two updos to wear to his wedding... I woke up with raging bedhead and decided that on that particular day, I was in the mood for this one!

It consisted of a poof by the crown of my head and then just a bunch of crisscrossed twists. And LOTS of bobby pins. I did this style while half asleep and thanked my locks for being so cooperative for the day. The style even held up through pictures outside in the wind (this was taken after that whole ordeal)! I left my usual side bangs out in front like so:

I wore a Jones New York dress with black tights and heels, and just did some simple makeup since it was a daytime wedding with no particular dress requirements. The simplicity of the outfit and hairstyle as a whole was really great, especially since I was in a time crunch during a slightly chaotic morning.

The wedding turned out amazingly!

What do you guys look for in a wedding hairstyle?
Sincerely, Ella


  1. Very nice hair do :)
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    1. Lovely hair do.:) Your blog is great. Do you mind checking out mine and giving me a follow?:) I am now following you x

    2. :)

  2. gorgeous updo hun! I wish that my hair was long enough to do it!

    New follower, follow back?

    1. maybe you can adjust it for shorter hair? followed your beauty blog as well as your bookshelf one! i'm always trying to read more :)