Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hair Style of the Night.

I'll be attending a wedding quite soon so the thing that was on my mind today was "oh my goodness, what am I going to do with my hair?!?". At the moment my hair is in a state of needing a trim (as it always is but I tend to ignore) so the style that I'll be going for will need to conceal that fact as much as possible, although I do want to keep my hair half down because I find that that sort of style suits me best. Tonight I had a little reunion of sorts so I decided to try this one out:

It's a waterfall braid that starts at one end and wraps around my head, ending in a small single braid. I left my hair in its natural curly (and unruly) state but for the wedding I would neaten up the curls with a curling iron. Here are a couple close-ups of the waterfall braid:

Here is what the braid that ended it off looked like:

By the end of the night I decided that this style might be a little too risky in the sense that my hair may return to its unruly state during the later hours of the wedding, even if I use heat on it, because this stye is a little free flowing rather than contained. Although I did have fun with this style, I still need to confront the "oh my goodness, what am I going to do with my hair?!?" question. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

What kind of style do you prefer when attending a wedding?
Sincerely, Ella


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! Mine is so thin, im very jealous!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it's a hassle because the curls and the amount have lots of ways to go wrong lol.