Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bold Gold.

Maybelline's Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Bold Gold

Maybelline has yet again impressed me with another great product. The Color Tattoo series has been in stores for quite a while now but I had convinced myself I didn't need anything from the collection, as I had a whole palette of eyeshadows just waiting to be used. This excuse was shattered when my clumsy self dropped the palette I had and managed to break most of the colors I used frequently. The lovely golds and browns were transformed into useless colorful powder on my tile floor. Disappointment. I then convinced myself that I didn't really need eyeshadow; I was perfectly fine with just some eyeliner and mascara. That mindset didn't last long. On my next trip to the drugstore I picked up this lovely gold color from the Color Tattoo line.

Bold Gold is the perfect golden color. I've worn it almost every day since buying it, it's really versatile and works with all my makeup looks. The consistency of the shadow has a light cream feel, so I've been applying it using my finger. It takes a second to dry so if I ever get some shadow in the wrong place, I can easily fix it.

The color can range from a light sparkly tint to a real bold shimmering gold, depending on the amount you apply. It is easy to apply different shadows over the Color Tattoo and I haven't had any trouble blending those colors out. Creasing has been a real problem for me in the past. It's always embarrassing to look in the mirror and notice a harsh line across your eyelid when the rest of the color has faded. Bold Gold has never given me this issue. It stays on without clumping or creasing and it also acts as a primer for layering. It has an overall smooth effect all day. Love it!

Have you tried any of the other colors in the Color Tattoo collection?
Sincerely, Ella


  1. I've really wanted this product for a while now and this review has made me want it even more! It looks like such a nice colour! Would you be able to check out my blog?

    1. go for it! i hope you'll like it as much as i do. your blog seems to have been removed... did you switch your blog name?