Friday, June 28, 2013

My Outfit Generator Formula.

What you will need:
A body that requires clothing
Loads of accessories

I rarely ever dress outside of the simple formula I have created for myself. This may seem simple but I’m sharing it with the lovely pages of my blog all the same. I’m not too sure when This “formula” came about but it’s really great to have on those mornings when I’m barely half awake and groggy and would rather still be in bed and mad that I spent too much time browsing Instagram last night instead of going to sleep. Those mornings. So…

The things that I have:

A body that requires clothing: This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s socially acceptable to walk around clothed.

Clothing: I usually break this genre into three parts:
Top half: Long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, blazers/cardigans; all of various colors, patterns, and cuts.
Bottom half: Jeans, yoga pants, black pants, leggings, miniskirts, knee length skirts, maxi skirts; all of various colors and patterns.
Combination of halves (whole): Mini dresses, knee length dresses, maxi dresses; all of different colors, patterns, and sleeve lengths.

Loads of accessories: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, lipstick (yes, I count lipstick as an accessory), scarves, hats, socks, shoes, tights.

Ok, duh.

SO, my outfits usually start off with, “I want to wear… THAT!” And then I plan the whole rest of the outfit around whatever THAT is. This is usually what ensues:

Outfits beginning with something in the top half:
·         Something cropped needs a high-waisted bottom half thing.
·         Something loose needs a tight bottom half thing and can sometimes be tucked in at the front while the back remains loose.
·         Something that covers the butt/crotchetal region needs a tight bottom half and can allow for leggings (leggings are reserved ONLY for situations where your areas are covered).
·         A blazer/cardigan (I don’t own any super tight ones) requires a tight undershirt and can go with any form of bottom half as long as it doesn’t make me look like a slob.

Outfits beginning with something in the bottom half:
·         Something tight needs either a loose/medium-tightness top or a tight top paired with an accessory such as a scarf to take the “my clothing is so tight you can see when I breathe” look away.
·         Something loose can be paired with a tight top or a tucked in medium-tightness top (to avoid the slob look)
·         Jeans can go with any form of top half (again, slob look is a no)
·         Skirts can be paired with some tights and allows for the option of a full tuck in or front tuck in of the shirt.
·         Leggings: ONLY for situations where your areas are covered

If I’m going with a combination of halves option:
·         Pretty simple: accessories are my pals.

Outfits beginning with something in the accessories category:
·         Look for color; matching or clashing in a good way.
·         Scarves can cover up the “revealing too much” look.
·         Bracelets are better seen when you either cuff a long sleeved top or wear a top with sleeves that don’t quite meet the wrists.
·         Loads of rings can be paired with anything but I tend to go easy on the brcelets when I pile on the rings.
·         Necklaces can work with anything as long as they’re not meeting the neckline of the shirt at that awkward stage of “I could go on top of you but I could also get tucked in behind you”.
·         Earrings can go with anything as long as their length doesn’t clash with an intense necklace or shirt embellishment that you’re always wearing. I like to pull my hair back more when I wear longer earrings.
·         With hats, I pay attention to what sort of vibe they give off and then dress accordingly.
·         I really just pile on the accessories sometimes.

Soooo, ya. Not sure if any of that made sense. But I use this type of formula for any occasion. It can be used anywhere from casual outfits to a bit a fancy-pants sort of thing.

Basically, THIS IS HOW I DRESS MYSELF. The end.
Sincerely, Ella


  1. haha i really like this great idea hunny.


  2. Is really cool I love it too ;))

    1. thank you so much! i had a fun time putting it together.