Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Completed May Photo Challenge.

Excuses to take pictures.

I came across this photo challenge on the lovely Instagram and decided that I needed an excuse to take pictures. If you would like to find me on Insta, my name is sincerelyella. This post is a compilation of what ensued!

May 1: I bought this.
May 2: Morning ritual (Star's blog HERE).
May 3: This is really good!
May 4: In my cup.
May 5: paper.
May 6: Something broken.
May 7: Something beginning with F (Foliage by the Front window).
May 8: Shapes.
May 9: A snack.
May 10: Stars.
May 11: A smile.
May 12: Mother.
May 13: Sunrise/Sunset.
May 14: Need.
May 15: Seven o'clock.
May 16: Mailbox.
May 17: Season.
May 18: Want.
May 19: My favorite view.
May 20: Light.
May 21: I care about this.
May 22: Change.
May 23: Pajamas.
May 24: Go!
May 25: Us.
May 26: Favorite thing to do on Sunday.
May 27: Can't live without (infinity).
May 28: What I'm doing now.
May 29: Kiss.
May 30: Tool.
May 31: Four things (fountain, tree, building, sky).

Thanks for reading!
Sincerely, Ella

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