Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Wandering Mind of a Final Savasana

Some yoga.

When the final savasana shows its beautiful sunset colors on the plane of my yoga practice, there are a few possibilities as to where my mind will fall. Sometimes my thoughts surprise me with beauty and I commend myself on a mind well-deepened. Other times... Well... Here are a few things that come to mind:

"Why is my brow still furrowing?"
"I should have had something to eat before coming here."
"I shouldn't have eaten right before coming here."
"Why is my breathing so loud."
"My nose is too stuffed for a proper yoga breath."
"How is everyone so quiet?"
"I need to clear my throat."
"Hehe, I just opened my eyes."
"Why do my arms feel so heavy?"
"I'm literally sinking into my mat! It's eating me! Ok stop that."
"I could fall asleep right now but I don't want to so I'll keep talking to  myself."
"la la la (songs)."
"It smells like the sushi restaurant next door."
"I really love sushi."
"Is everyone in this room totally relaxed except for me?"
"My shoulder blades aren't sitting right."
"Brow, stop furrowing!"

And on like that.
I really do enjoy yoga!

Thank you for reading.
Sincerely, Ella

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