Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tips for My Teenage Self

Don't look too harshly on your past self; you didn't know then what you do now.

A while back I discovered this tag floating among other bloggers and I decided to join in with some advice and fashion DOs and DON'Ts of my own for my teenage self . It would have been pretty cool if back then someone (who may or may not have looked vaguely like an older version of myself) would have dropped off some sort of memo with these things attached:

A piece of advice: If you don’t come out of that rock you’re under, you won’t enjoy your teenage years.
DO wear at least some makeup.
DO pay attention to what you look like in those clothes.
DO watch some YouTube videos to help you with your style.
DON’T pluck your eyebrows that thin.
DON’T wear that just because it still fits.
DON’T, for goodness sake, ever wear your hair like that again.
A tip for school: Pay attention so that you won’t feel dumb later. And actually read the books!
A tip for friends: It’s ok to talk to people.
A tip for fun: Discover creative writing please.

 To put things in context, this is who I'm addressing:

If you're a blogger, feel free to keep the tag going!
Sincerely, Ella


  1. Oh god I so understand what you mean. If I could nag my 16year old self to take better care of my looks, i'd probably have nagged myself for an entire year!

    Keep improving hun & u've come such a long way! There are no ugly girls, just lazy ones :D