Monday, January 7, 2013

A Writer's Strife.

Keep on keeping on.

Here is my little stream of consciousness that I go through all the time while trying to become a writer:

love to write. love to write. don't want to do it right now though. maybe later. or over winter break.
this is an amazing idea! o wait, it.'s taken. o wait, there's a huge chunk missing in order for it to make sense and i can't figure out how to fill it. o wait, when looking back on it, this idea is really stupid and cliche. 
slight headache, a little fatigue, still too light outside.
i can't just start writing, it feels so unmomentous.
all that thought and it's only half a page.
i'll never be as good as them
who would want to read this shiznit?
am i even a writer? where's the distinction? it's like the in-between phase where you're unsure of whether it's a boy or a man or a girl or a woman. when do you become a writer? is it a mindset or authorship?
my mind just went blank
i had that dream that one time that would have been a great story. but i forgot it.
why can't the inspiration just come?
why does the inspiration have to come at the most inopportune times. during my midterm? please.
if this lady sees me staring at her one more time i know she'll flip... but she's just so interesting. i wonder if i could base a character on her...?
the pen is too far away to write this idea down. i'll just remember it. oops, forgot it.
this is such a great idea! this is such a great idea! i have to tell someone... o wait, their reaction wasn't that great... maybe i should rethink this.
there are too many ideas swarming around in my head! i can't pick just one. i'll just do it later... what were those ideas again?
this is amazing this is amazing! i love this! i sound way too conceited... but this story i just wrote is amazing!
Oh wait, it's not that good.

Good luck to all you writers out there!
Sincerely, Ella