Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Outfit Ideas for Men.

 Layer up

This is for my lovely male readers (hopefully you're out there somewhere!):

Go for the layered suit look; it keeps you warm but also shows some edge.

No one messes with a guy in a huge scarf.

Take the lumpy sweater to the next level by switching it out for a lumpy cardigan and showing off a stylish outfit underneath.

Mixed patterns are always awesome! You can even add some floral to lighten up the dreary weather.

Monochromatic pieces make an outfit look seamless (pun!).

Play up the socks... DEFINITELY play up the socks.

Match some article of clothing to your hat.

Here's a fun take on the regular suit jacket!

Rock that 5 o'clock shadow!

Bring some dark colored jeans into the mix.
Perhaps you can try to bring overalls back?

 Hope you enjoyed!
Sincerely, Ella 

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