Friday, January 4, 2013

Into 2013.

Be willing to modify your goals

Seeing as it's almost a week into 2013, I think it is definitely time to follow up on the post I wrote in September on my 'Four simple Goals (Before 2013)' - click the title to check it out. 

Here is a little refresh of what I set as goals for myself:

1. Begin drawing again. I used to be an avid (self proclaimed) artist, always looking for inspiration in the mundane. That has somehow been lost over these past few years and I would like it back please.
2. Take walks at my own pace. Whenever a walk arises it takes quite a push to get me out of the house. I somehow always forget I like walks. I don't, however like walks in which I'm rushed. I tend to always be rushing out the door to walk to work or if I'm walking with another person I don't like having to keep their pace. I do however enjoy my own stroll; without time constraints (well, apparent ones anyway) and without the pull of another person's longer legs. I would like to set aside some time to walk and enjoy my surroundings, and although it may make me sound like a loner, I would like to do it by myself sometimes.
3. Create. I have a large box full of clothing that I've set aside to alter into various things. I have old ties in there that could potentially be headbands, old men's shirts in there that could be tunic dresses, and scraps of interesting patterned material that could embellish something that calls for embellishment. I have the materials, now all I need to do is create.
4. Keep my motivation. The problem I've had with goals in the past is that whenever I would start to see results, I would fall back into my past routines. I want to keep my motivation with the simple goals I've set for myself this year.

*Dramatic voice* And the results are...

1. Begin drawing again.I haven't done anything as elaborate as I've done in the past, but I did create a series of doodles, featured in my 'Between the Lines' post (check it out). They may not exercise my precision when it comes to drawing but I always get really excited when I think up a new concept. Conceptual doodling is definitely rewarding.

2. Take walks at my own pace. I have successfully been able to expand the time I have to walk to work by managing my time that I have for getting ready for work. Managing that time a little better means I get out the door faster and I can meander instead of power walk. I also found that the lighting outside is great for capturing photographs and I now have more time to do so!

3. Create. I have not exactly created in the way I was expecting when I had set this goal. The thing about goals though, is that you have to be willing to modify your goals. You need to be happy with whatever you HAVE done as opposed to what you were expecting to do (unless you really are just slacking). I have created in terms of my creative writing. I even added the 'Bit of Writing' (link to the first one) section to my blog to showcase my efforts.

 4. Keep my motivation. I really think these simple goals have helped me keep my motivation. Simple goals can be modified and achieved in ways you may not have seen coming. Even now, as I wrap up this set of goals, I'm thinking about what my next set will be. Something has been set in motion and motivation has been found.

I wish you all a happy new year and the inspiration to create your own realistic and simple goals.
Sincerely, Ella.  

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