Saturday, July 14, 2012

Maybe it’s (always) Maybelline.

 Maybelline Volum' Express® the Mega Plush™ Mascara

After a slight detour from the Maybelline mascara, I am definitely back on the “obsessed” track. Although their Great Lash Lots of Lashes™ and Volum' Express® One-by-One Washable Mascara have never really done wonders for me, I have marveled over, and repurchased multiple times, their Volum' Express® Falsies Flared™ and Volum' Express® The Colossal Mascara in the past. After fretting about spending too much on makeup, I took a break from the Maybelline mascara and headed toward the (cheaper) NYC brand. I was definitely not impressed with their Show Time Volumizing Waterproof Mascara, as the brush would barely let me get any of the stuff on. I did find a love for their Big Bold Mascara however. It brought my eyelashes to their full capacity in a matter of seconds... but after 12+ hours of wearing it, it decided to become difficult and jump off my eyelashes in clumps… My lashes were not thrilled. During my recent trip to the drugstore, I had another tube of the NYC in one hand and the new Volum' Express® the Mega Plush™ Mascara Maybelline mascara in the other. Maybelline IS one of my oldest and trusted friends (I use their foundation, concealer, powder, etc.)… But NYC mascara is a new, time saving, buddy. In the end, out of curiosity for what an old pal was recently up to, I decided to go with Maybelline… Definitely not disappointed! The new gel-mousse formula is SOFT without being too light. I do like a heavier mascaraed look. I went with the waterproof formula because my eyes tend to be on the watery side of eyeballs. Although I do still have a new-found love for NYC (I have one of their lipsticks now as well), I have decided that maybe the best choice for mascara is always Maybelline.

Do you have any trustee pals when it comes to mascara?
Sincerela, Ella

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