Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion's Day Off.

Pajamas and a cup of tea.

I probably check, double check, and look again at my appearance before I deem myself worthy of leaving the house. I'm slightly neurotic when it comes to the placement of my hair, clothing, and makeup. As important as these things are to me on a usual day out, these "qualities" definitely fly out the window on a day when I know I will not be leaving the house. I'm not one to put on my best lounging gear to traipse around the house. My hair is lucky if I have the courtesy of piling it into a bun; otherwise it sits at odd angles, frizzing in places, until I hear a knock at the door. My bare-faced, cut up tee, sweatpants wearing self sits in stark contrast to my makeup-ed, outfit planned the night before self. If those two "selves" met on the street I think my 'approved for public' self would want to take my 'fashion's day off' self for a makeover. If someone were to look in on one of my day's off, they may find it ironic that miss frizz head shlub is catching up on different fashion blogs. Just slightly ironic. I would post a picture of my pajama-wearing self but I don't think my fashionista self would be too pleased come morning. So I will leave that image up to your imagination. Good luck.

When fashion is in session

What do you look like on a lazy day?
Sincerely, Ella

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