Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Favorite Ways to Procrastinate (Unfortunately).

Do not learn your procrastination habits from me.

With school in session I have naturally developed new ways to procrastinate. Such is life. I'm on my computer a lot either writing papers or studying the class slides so most of my procrastination techniques involve the internet. Here are the top five ways I am currently procrastinating:

1. Watch You Tube. Oops, where did the time go?
2. Plan outfits. I literally just stare at my clothes while I'm "taking a break" and put things together in my mind's eye.
3. Check my Facebook. Even if I just checked it five minutes ago.
4. Obsess over my blog. Ratings, design, new posts, etc.
5. Obsess over other peoples' blogs. Read old posts of my favorite bloggers and find new bloggers. The possibilities are endless.

To put things into perspective: I have done all of these things today.
Sincerely, Ella

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