Monday, December 10, 2012

Finals Week.

Don't stress.

Well, first day of finals is done with. I'm always weird when it comes to the end of classes. It's hard investing so much time and effort into a class and then ending it by dropping off a term paper in your teacher's mailbox or filling in a bunch of bubbles on a sheet of paper. I need something to signify the end. So here is a list of things I did today to create a significant ending to my semester in the two classes I had finals for:

  • I actually looked up from my seat on the train and noticed someone in my writing class so we walked from the train to campus together and figured out we have a class together next semester!
  • When dropping off my term paper in my teacher's mailbox, I stood there until someone else came to drop theirs off and we chatted a bit before parting ways
  • I sat next to someone from my psychology lecture before going in to take the test and we talked about the semester and wished each other luck.
  • I took the bus home for the first time. 

These things may seem like usual occurrences but it was the first time I talked to some of those people from my classes and I did things consciously in order to signify an end to the semester for myself.

Overall, it was a really great first day of finals.
Good luck to all of you who are or will be taking finals!
Sincerely, Ella

me after finishing finals.

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