Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men.

A hot climate that requires fancy attire

Hello lovely males out there (or lovely females who would like to help dress the lovely males in their lives)! If you've happened to come across my blog, this post is for you (since realistically most of you will not be interested in my makeup and fashion musings). During any other season I would envy the ease you have of just putting on a suit and waltzing into a wedding. Yes, there will be those of you who obsess over your ties, shoes, cuff links, pocket squares, hair gel, facial hair etc; but girls have a few major things that you don't even have to consider (usually), and that is makeup, an elaborate hairstyle, and nails, nails, nails. We women just have a slightly larger load of factors to consider beyond what we're wearing. It's just a fact. Summer weddings in which black tie attire is not required; however, may leave you men at a crossroads between a heavy suit and a Hawaiian shirt; neither of which I recommend (unless of course the wedding is Hawaiian shirt only). Here are as few suggestions that you are free to incorporate into your own style:

Shoes can definitely make all the difference in an outfit. No broken down sneakers, but a pair of converse in good condition are an interesting alternative to dress shoes that may be more suited for colder weather.

A pop of color is an idea to consider. Although it doesn't necessarily have to be as intense as this pop of color, you can go wild with a tie, some cuff links, a pocket square, or even a bow tie.

For a wedding with some spunk suspenders are a lovely option to consider. Suspenders all but eliminate the need for a suit jacket.

Pinstripe Suit Vest
A vest is another possible suit jacket eliminator, and it's one that you could definitely have fun with.

Consider the alternatives to a black suit if you require a suit jacket.

The white on white! Kudos to those of you who can pull off this daring number.  For those of you who aren't feeling as daring, the white pant with dress shirt is also a nice summer combo

I'm not quite sure whether this guy is being daring or downright crazy.

Well, I hope I provided you males with some inspiration for a Summer wedding (or hot climate wedding) outfit idea!

What would you wear to a Summer wedding?
Sincerely, Ella


  1. to me, Ivory is the perfect colour for a summer wedding :)