Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Popeye Would Be Proud.

A craving and an open mind

Whenever I feel a craving coming on it's usually for Oreos or pasta. I have never found a "healthier" substitute for Oreos; there is just nothing under the sun that gives the same satisfaction as an Oreo dunked in milk; and definitely nothing that is healthier. This past weekend a friend was talking about spinach being a healthier alternative to pasta. The idea is you put everything you usually would put on your pasta on top of spinach instead... well I tried it and it was really great. I'm a tomato sauce and melted cheese on pasta kind of girl and the spinach took really well to those toppings. All I did was construct it and then pop it in the microwave. The spinach turned into a semi pasta-like consistency and my craving was totally satisfied. I think zucchini would work well in the mix too. Can't wait to try it that way!

Do you have any healthier alternatives that you like to substitute for sneaky cravings?
Sincerely, Ella

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