Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FALLing Back to School Shopping Spree.

A wardrobe of self-expression

As school approaches, one of the top things on my "to do" list is "create an easily workable yet fashionable stylish wardrobe with outfits that are readily available and with pieces that can be used in the Fall as well as layered in the cold Chicago Winter." Sounds simple enough, huh? Well here are some of my recently treasured finds from the local TJ Maxx. I cannot go there properly unless I spend two or so hours there, which is what I did during this past trip (thank you for your patience Avi), and I am mighty glad I did because I think I'm set for my Fall wardrobe. Here are some pictures of the pieces that I purchased (they may look strange just hanging on the hanger but as I style them I'll try to snap a few shots to show):

I'll probably wear this one with some black pants tucked in at the front to give it some funk. If I'm feeling daring I'll wear my black jeans. Jean on jean is a look I have yet to master. I may wear a tight fitting black maxi skirt with it on one of those "I'm just in the mood for a maxi skirt" days.

 I love this take on the classic blazer. Lace is a favorite of mine. I'll probably wear this on a formal-ish day to dress up some jeans in a classy yet unique way or during an actual formal dress day with a skirt or dress of sorts.

I'm a sucker for my black pants so this piece is a great black pants partner.

Another friend to my black pants.

The dress is more for fancy occasions that allow room for a bit of a bohemian feel. I wore it the other day to an engagement party. I love the lace detail, the nice touch of a sheer sleeve, and the belt that fastens into a bow is a great touch

I kind of tend to redefine my style once in a while and nowadays I'm going for a slightly edged out preppy (if that makes sense). Styling posts using these pieces and more are yet to come (I tend to hate full length pictures of myself so bear with me).

How would you define your latest style?
Sincerely, Ella

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