Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Dream.

Fight against forgetting your dreams

There was some sort of danger to the world.
Water was building up in the clouds from a villain creating a storm near us.
We were all going to die from the apocalyptic rains.
At first I was going to hide in these compartments that were meant for our "type" to hide in.
Basically, there were two sides to the land
And we were only allowed on the other side if we were in the compartments on the border.
But somehow I decided not to.
And I looked up at the sky and saw all the clouds.
And then I looked over and realized you were standing next to me
And you were giving me this look.
You said, "You can do it."
And I believed you.
So with my hands, I guided the clouds in the sky.
I extracted the water and turned it into human shapes and led them down to the ground.
I led them past the trees so we couldn't see what happened when they touched the ground,
But we knew.
We just knew that when they reached the land they would become our army.
And we were saved.

Thanks for reading!
Sincerely, Ella


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    1. Thanks so much! Checking yours out now :)